Medi-Share is not insurance and cannot be represented as such. Medi-Share is a voluntary sharing program where members come together as a Christian community to share the cost of each other’s eligible medical expenses. A few key things for New Member Representatives to keep in mind are below: 

1) Medi-Share is not a plan. Do not use the word “plan” when discussing Medi-Share. Use of this word may imply that Medi-Share is insurance, which it is not. When describing Medi-Share, please refer to it as a membership or a “program. Members are not purchasing a plan as with health insurance. Rather, they are choosing to join in voluntary membership with other believers to share each other’s eligible medical expenses. 
2) Never use the word “coverage” or “covered.” Medical Bills are not covered by Medi-Share. Medi-Share is not insurance. Since Medi-Share is not insurance there is no guarantee of paymentMembers choose to come together to voluntarily share one another’s medical bills. The eligible bills (according to the member approved Medi-Share Guidelines) are “Shared” as the members of Medi-Share are the ones sharing in the eligible medical bills. Medi-Share is the program through which this sharing is facilitated.