Claim Reporting

We wish to call your attention to the most efficient way for you to report claims. Please call us at 912-681-4619 to assist with any claim reporting. Most companies prefer to receive claim notices directly from the insured, to expedite the process. The following are claims contact numbers for frequently used insurers, please have your policy numbers available when calling. Click on the company name to turn in a claim via online servicing or call in to the company to report the claim over the phone. As always, your agent is here to assist you – don’t hesitate to call us.


Phone Number

Aegis 800.233.2160 x6
Allstate 800.255.7828
American Modern 800.543.2644 x1
AmTrust 888.970.3552
ASI/Progressive Home 866.274.5677
Chubb 800.233.8347
Dairyland 800.334.0090 x1
Donegal 800.877.9006
Arrowhead/Falls Lake 877.277.7740
Foremost 800.527.3907
Georgia Underwriting 770.923.7431
  770.923.5943 (fax)
Grange 800.445.3030
Haulers 866.665.1003
Southern General 800.282.7024
Mercury 800.503.3724 x4
National Security 800.239.2358 x 512
Nationwide 800.421.3535
Philadelphia 800.765.9749 (phone)
  800.685.9238 (fax)
Progressive 800.274.4499 x5
SIU (Siupreme) 678.498.4750
Southern Trust 844.812.2660
Strickland 800.825.5742
American Reliable 800.245.1505
Tapco 800.334.5579 x3
Travelers 800.238.6225 x2
Universal 800.470.0599